Planes, Train, and Automobiles...And Boats, Backhoes, and Snowmobiles

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 2/20/13 5:12 AM

Polymer Technologies provides the insulating materials for many different types of transportationPolymer Technologies is devoted to providing the highest quality noise and thermal attenuating products to the widest range of industries.  Over the past few weeks, we've shared with you how our POLYFORM line of products has solved a number of problems.  From improving functionality of products to enhancing other products safety attributes to simply silencing other necessary parts, Polymer has truly made an impact and has done so mostly under the radar.

  • The next time you are flying in a plane, Polymer Technologies just might have provided the insulating materials that lessen cabin noise.
  • The next time you go for a ride on a snowmobile, Polymer Technologies just might have developed the heat shield over the vehicles gas tank.
  • The next time you don't notice the HVAC system turn on, Polymer Technologies just might have provided the noise/thermal insulation materials used in the ducting.

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