How the Permeability of Polyurethane Foam Affects Sound Absorption

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 4/13/20 2:13 PM

Cellular polymer materials are permeable to some degree, while other manufacturing materials like metals, glass, ceramics and dense loaded vinyls are not. To some, this porous quality may seem like a disadvantage. But that’s not true! Whether or not a material is right for your project comes down to your application.

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Open vs. Closed Cell Foam: Understanding Permeability

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 8/24/18 1:53 PM

Porous plastic foam is on the cutting edge of insulation for heat, vapor, noise, and other elements. The two major variants of porous plastic foams are open and closed cell foams. Both types of foam are used in everyday products, but because of their structural differences, one type of foam may perform better than the other depending on the desired application.

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Why You Should Ditch Fiberglass Insulation

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 3/23/15 6:38 AM

For years, fiberglass has been used as the industry standard for insulation in heating and cooling systems, despite being a possible detriment to the environment and known to have potential for adverse health effects. Over time fiberglass insulation can deteriorate and migrate through supply diffusers, which are used to evenly distribute and deliver air throughout a house or building. In turn this can lead to the deteriorated fiberglass liner getting deposited throughout your home or building.

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