Do Your Rubber Radiator Mounts Keep Needing Replacement?

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/17/14 5:28 AM

Heavy truck manufacturers need to use materials that can withstand immense amounts of abuse over hundreds of thousands of miles. Radiator mounts are crucial for securing the radiator, and these mounts are typically made of rubber because it is the best material for absorbing shock and vibration. However, truck companies have a common problem with rubber mounts burning up from high duty cycles over prolonged periods of time.

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Proper Way to Isolate an Engine from Vibrations Using Elastomeric Mounts

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 11/6/14 7:01 AM

Engine isolation is an important design consideration because of the problems that may arise if proper steps aren't taken to control and manage vibration. Vibration is produced as a result of the transfer of energy when rotating machinery is mounted to a support structure. This vibration may affect the overall performance of the equipment and potentially damage its longevity. A good vibration isolation system works in two directions. It can keep vibration produced by a source such as an engine from being transmitted to the frame; and it can keep vibration in a system from being transmitted to a sensitive piece of electronics or even a human.

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