Melamine Foam Insulation for Thermal Management, Noise Reduction, and Cost Savings

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/12/16 4:55 PM

Melamine foam is an effective absorber suitable for applications involving noise control and thermal management. Polymer Technologies provides a range of melamine foam insulation for a variety of industries, mainly power generation, construction, rail transportation, heavy truck, aerospace, medical, and marine manufacturing. The foam is widely used because it is a versatile, flame resistant material that is lightweight, semi-rigid yet flexible, and easy to customize. This allows manufacturers to save production time and labor costs during installation.

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Topics: Flammability, Insulation, vibration isolation, noise reduction

Choosing the Right High Temperature Product Based on Application

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/11/15 11:47 AM
Manufacturers often run into situations where they are dealing with extraordinarily high temperatures. Depending on the specific attributes of the situation, these temperatures can have a dramatic effect on the performance, safety, and longevity of a piece of equipment. Materials can quickly break down when exposed to high temperature or prolonged heat exposure. Choosing the right materials, then, to handle a high temperature situation becomes critically important not only in terms of the usability of the machinery but also the safety and durability of the machinery. Sometimes operators or components need to be kept at very stable temperatures such as within walls and HVAC ducts. In other instances, high temperatures are simply a function of the machinery itself as with fuselages, gas tanks, and exhaust pipes, and need to be managed accordingly.
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UL 94 Compliance For Appliance and Device Materials: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 10/19/15 8:13 AM

UL 94 is a plastics flammability standard, also known as the Standard of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts. This standard was released by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to classify plastics based on how they burn, with orientation and thickness level determining a plastic’s tendency to extinguish or spread the flame once ignited, and how well the material resists ignition.

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Topics: Flammability, Insulation