Designing Truck Cabs For Function & Comfort

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 4/27/15 7:00 AM

Driving a truck has never been viewed as an easy, as it involves long hours, unconventional sleep patterns, and lengthy periods of time on the road and away from home. However, not only is it a stable, well-paying, blue-collar career, but it’s necessary for businesses and the economy to operate as they do. While the primary function of these trucks is to transport cargo from point A to point B, the comfort of drivers should always be kept in mind when designing and manufacturing truck cabins.

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Topics: heavy trucking, tractor trailer, truck cab, semi-truck

Do Your Rubber Radiator Mounts Keep Needing Replacement?

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/17/14 5:28 AM

Heavy truck manufacturers need to use materials that can withstand immense amounts of abuse over hundreds of thousands of miles. Radiator mounts are crucial for securing the radiator, and these mounts are typically made of rubber because it is the best material for absorbing shock and vibration. However, truck companies have a common problem with rubber mounts burning up from high duty cycles over prolonged periods of time.

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Topics: Polymer Technologies, vibration insulation, heavy trucking, DuraFlex, shock isolation