Safely & Efficiently Reducing Noise in Natural Gas Pumps

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 3/19/15 8:55 AM

To save costs and lessen pollution, many trucking companies are making the switch from diesel to natural gas. Accordingly, there is a growing prevalence of fueling stations for trucks that use natural gas. These fueling stations can get extremely loud, and it is therefore important to implement the most effective noise control system to enhance comfort for truckers filling their tanks.

Polymer worked with a manufacturer of natural gas refueling pumps that was experiencing problems with noise reduction materials and associated assembly and installation that weren’t cost-effective for the company. Additionally, installing the company’s existing noise control materials created negative conditions for workers. Polymer found the client a solution by analyzing their materials and processes and developing a customized system that was more efficient.

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Topics: gas pumps, natural gas pumps, noise damping