Advantages of ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® Anti-Vibration Mounts

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 8/9/17 3:40 PM

Vibration isolation is an integral part of any engineering project and design. Experienced manufacturers know that stopping excessive vibration is necessary, or else it can cause wasted energy and damaged equipment, leading to broken products, expensive repairs, and reduced profits. Original equipment manufacturers need to be able to trust the reliability of the anti-vibration mounts they install or else they could wind up with subpar products and unhappy customers.

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Topics: vibration isolation, anti-vibration mounts, ArmorFlex™, SquishyFlex™

Melamine Foam Insulation for Thermal Management, Noise Reduction, and Cost Savings

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/12/16 4:55 PM

Melamine foam is an effective absorber suitable for applications involving noise control and thermal management. Polymer Technologies provides a range of melamine foam insulation for a variety of industries, mainly power generation, construction, rail transportation, heavy truck, aerospace, medical, and marine manufacturing. The foam is widely used because it is a versatile, flame resistant material that is lightweight, semi-rigid yet flexible, and easy to customize. This allows manufacturers to save production time and labor costs during installation.

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Topics: Flammability, Insulation, vibration isolation, noise reduction

Shock & Vibration Isolation 101: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 11/17/14 12:24 AM

Every building experiences a certain amount of shock and/or vibration—whether caused by people or machinery. Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon in which periodic motion is generated by a force around an equilibrium point. The possible effects of these vibrations can vary from insignificant to disastrous, depending on the intensity and duration of the shock as well as the construction of the concerned structure or equipment.

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