Installing HVAC Equipment that Looks Great and Works Great

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 12/11/14 9:19 AM

Industrial equipment doesn’t have to look sloppy and unappealing. When installing industrial HVAC equipment, you want to have both the most efficient and the neatest process possible.

Polymer worked with a client who was unsatisfied with the aesthetics of their boiler installation. The insulation foam that wrapped around the boiler did not fit well, looked unattractive, and would often break apart during installation.

Polymer’s solution to this problem proved that aesthetics do not have to be sacrificed for functionality. Using the right insulation materials for appliances ensures that equipment will not only function well but will look visually pleasing.

Using the Right Materials in Installation

You want installation to be a clean and seamless process, and you don’t want parts to break during installation. This creates an unsightly mess and drives up costs for replacement parts. Using high-quality materials in your products and their installation will enable the prMake sure you use the right materials during the installation of HVAC equipmentocess to be more efficient.

If you’re using inferior materials and parts, they may break during installation, giving the client a negative impression of your services. If you’re using generic mesh material as insulation, for instance, it is at risk of tearing, as was the case with Polymer’s client.

When Custom Materials are Necessary for a Job

Using precut or presized materials may not be satisfactory for every job. If these materials do not fit properly, this will not only look sloppy but can make installation more difficult. In some cases, a custom installation process is more successful.

Polymer’s client was previously using precut material to wrap around their boilers. Part of the reason the material looked unattractive was because it did not properly fit the boiler. When Polymer devised a custom installation process with custom materials, the client was much more satisfied with the results.

With different products, you will have different needs. Sometimes generic materials will fit your needs well, but other times, using custom materials is the only way to get a job done right. By doing things right the first time, you can save money on manual labor to fix both aesthetic and functional problems. Everyone is more satisfied when the installation process is clean and the finished product looks neat.

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