Keeping Up with the Demanding Trend of Machine Versatility

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 8/31/16 9:10 AM

Engineers are always looking for more ways to implement new technologies in their machinery. Over the past decade, the drive to create more versatile machinery has only continued to increase. With the amount of power and technology being put into these machines, the need for greater insulation and noise reduction solutions has become apparent. When keeping up with the need to improve machinery, it's important to keep the health and safety of the operator in mind. There are a number of factors driving the trend for machine versatility. Here are 3 of the most significant: 

1. Requirements to Do More with Less

With shortages of skilled laborers and machine operators, contractors are always looking for better tools and technologies that are capable of completing multiple facets of a project—they want a way to cut back on costs of transporting and using multiple machines. Using the right materials, like DuraFlex® rubber to reduce the vibration produced by machinery or POLYDAMP® foam to increase insulation and sound resistance, will determine the overall quality of the machine and how many functions it’s able to perform. Only with the right materials will your machine effectively and efficiently be able do more.

2. Directives to Implement “Green” Processes

Directives to implement green processes have driven innovations in machine versatility.Government laws and EPA regulations have been pushing for greener technologies. Fiberglass, a commonly used insulation material, can present both environmental and health hazards to those who handle the material. To counter this, using better technology insulation like POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foam made with renewable feedstock provides a green solution that satisfies EPA regulations and doesn’t carry the health hazards of fiberglass.

Noise pollution is also a major concern. Big machinery means big noise, but using the right materials can drastically reduce this issue. Implementing noise and heat isolation for engine enclosures is essential for building large machinery that is versatile. This also goes for indoor sound pollution of small appliances and machines. Using high quality noise damping materials can greatly reduce the level of emitted sounds.

3. Competition to Gain a Competitive Edge

To keep up with the increasing versatility trend, equipment manufacturers are developing machines that provide more comfort and safety to the operator in addition to the added functionality. With increased awareness regarding ergonomic and safety concerns, equipment manufacturers are adding features like:

  • Shock and vibration isolation
  • Noise isolation and redirection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Flame retardant and burn resistant films

The increased awareness of ergonomic and safety issues means that contractors are looking for machines that provide their workers with the most versatile machinery that is also as safe and comfortable as can be. It’s because of this that equipment manufacturers need to compete with other manufacturers to provide safer and more ergonomic solutions for their customers.

Using the Right Materials to Augment Machine Versatility

Building machines with subpar materials is inefficient and can end in disaster. As machines become more versatile, it becomes more important to reconsider the components and materials being used in machines. It’s essential that when designing or redesigning machines, you need to find a quality and knowledgeable supplier that understands your industry's regulations and your company's specific needs.

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