POLYFORM© Molded Products: Solving Problems Part 1

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 1/11/13 5:00 AM

Polymer Technologies Inc. provides 3-dimensional solutions for noise, thermal & vibration control. Our POLYFORM© Molded Products are engineered and manufactured specifically for energy management, combining the best qualities in noise absorption, transmission loss, damping, isolation, and thermal insulation—all in one product!

Fire Fighting Technology

Polymer helped firefighters increase the operational life of thermal imaging camerasCouldn't take the heat but couldn't get out of the kitchen either.

Problem: Firemen use a thermal imaging camera that needed a longer operational cycle in extreme conditions.

Solution: Two-piece POLYFORM© component increased shock and thermal resistance, extending operational life five to six minutes.

Result: Firemen can more safely see and plan how to fight a fire, helping save lives while protecting their own.

Using PHDM-IS High Density Molded-Integral Skin, we aid America's heroes in saving lives and valuable property.  PHDM-IS performs to its full potential when used as a shock absorber in hand-held equipment, in-cab transmission covers and armrests.  Some key features of PHDM-IS are:

  • Sound attenuation, isolation, thermal control and sealing
  • 10-20 lb/ft3 self-skinning flexible foam
  • Abrasion resistant, high tear strength and low water absorption properties

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