POLYFORM© Molded Products: Solving Problems Part 2

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 1/17/13 7:08 AM

Polymer Technologies Inc. provides 3-dimensional solutions for noise, thermal & vibration control.

Our POLYFORM© Molded Products are engineered and manufactured specifically for energy management, combining the best qualities in noise absorption, transmission loss, damping, isolation, and thermal insulation—all in one product!

Quiet on the Waterfront:
Trimming down excessive boat noise.

Problem: The leading manufacturer of 2-cycle outboard motors needed to reduce noise levels, running 11 to 12 decibels higher that competitors’ 4-cycle motors.

Solution: Below waterline, the lower motor exhaust was encapsulated in PHDM-IS reducing noise and minimizing water absorption.  The upper motor cover used PLDM-HR because it excels in high frequency absorption and did not need to prevent water absorption.

Result: Reduced sound levels in the 2-cycle motor were equal to and, in some RMA ranges, below that of leading competitors’ 4-cycle motors.

Using the PLDM-HR Low Density Molded- High Resilient product, we aid watercraft manufacturers in providing high quality boats to the public.  PLDM-HR performs to its full potential when used for around absorption and insulation, in athletic equipment, and specialty seating.  Some key features of PLDM-HR are:
  • Sound attenuation, isolation, thermal control and specialty cushioning
  • 3-6 lb/ft3 open cell flexible foam
  • High resilience, low fatigue loss
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