Polymer Technologies: Bringing You Sweet Dreams

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 2/7/13 5:11 AM

A recent conversation with Polymer Technologies Founder and CEO, Robert Prybutok, led us to take another look at how Polyform Molded Products solve real-life problems.  Here is a snippet from our Q&A session with Mr. Prybutok:

Q:  Of all the materials you work with and all the solutions you create, do you have a favorite?  Have you assisted in developing a product that made you feel really good about the work you do?

A: Our development of molded product solutions from our PMP (Polymer Molded Products) manufacturing facility was an exciting and challenging start up business that has the potential for excellent revenue and profit growth.  Molded products are a very unique solution for acoustical and thermal problems and are differentiating products for all of our markets. Relative to a favorite solution, it would be when we introduced one of our customers, a respiratory care provider, to the concept of using a molded part in a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device to treat sleep apnea.  Incorporating our solution eliminated over 30 conventional parts and associated labor and exceeded their noise reduction targets.  They immediately incorporated our molded solution across their entire 1 million unit annual production.

POLYFORM© Molded Products: Solving Problems

Polymer Technologies Inc. provides 3-dimensional solutions for noise, thermal & vibration control. Our POLYFORM© Molded Products are engineered and manufactured specifically for energy management, combining the best qualities in noise absorption, transmission loss, damping, isolation, and thermal insulation—all in one product!

Sweeter Dreams

Sleep apnea is a problem.  Your sleep apnea device shouldn't be. 

Excessive noise and vibration in a sleep apnea deviceProblem: A sleep apnea device had problems with excessive noise and blower vibration.

Solution: A one-piece POLYFORM© insert isolates the blower assembly, controls airborne sound and vibration energy.

Result: The device received significant noise reduction and company saw savings in materials and assembly costs.

Using the PHDM-NS High Density Molded-Non-Skinned product, we aid medical device manufacturers in providing quality assistance to those in need.  PHDM-NS performs to its full potential when applied as a sound attenuator for motor-blower assemblies, specialty packaging, and gasketing.  Some key features of PHDM-NS are:

  • Sound attenuation, isolation, thermal control and sealing
  • 10-20 lb/ft3 open cell flexible foam
  • High resilience, good tear strength and good elongation

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