PTI Introduces A Perforating Press to Line-Up of Dynamic Manufacturing Offerings

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 11/27/12 6:17 AM

Polymer Technologies, Inc. is known as the most dynamic manufacturing company in the acoustical and thermal composites industry.  We are determined to maintain that title by offering the most innovative solutions in the industry.  Recently we upgraded our state-of-the art manufacturing offerings with the addition of a perforating press.

Perforation of foam helps in the installation processThis large, high-performance piece of equipment easily punctures our line of foams with or without facing/backing.  Delivering speeds up to 10 strokes per minute, tools may be purchased to provide a variety of patterns, with 1/8" holes on 2" patterns available currently.  The perforating process aids in insulation installation and helps eliminate the possibility of air being trapped behind the insulation.

The addition of the perforating press to our roster of machinery allows us to perform unrivaled installation of our insulation parts ensuring completed projects achieve superior results.

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