Why Aircraft Insulation Should Meet AS9100 Aerospace QMS Standards

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 9/23/15 9:49 AM

The AS9100 Quality Management System (QMS) belongs to a family of standards designed to address diverse quality requirements while also reducing supply chain costs throughout the international aerospace industry. Products such as aircraft insulation materials bring a high level of quality and trust when backed by a business with AS9100 certification.

What Does the AS9100 Family Include?

The AS9100 QMS family comprises 3 standards:

AS9100 QMS is part of a family of standards for the aerospace industry
  • AS9100 QMS currently stands at the revision C level, including recent added requirements that emphasize safety, quality, and reliability for aerospace products. The standard is generally accepted by aircraft and aerospace industries as a way to continually improve supply side processes and delivery.
  • AS9110 QMS deals with the repair, upkeep, and maintenance of aerospace business practices.
  • AS9120 QMS complements AS9100, and is used by organizations that deal directly with aerospace OEMs for resale. The standard provides a level of trust and value to distributors, and lets potential customers know they are qualified to correctly handle parts and materials.

Who uses AS9100?

AS9100 can be used by the entire international aerospace and aircraft industry, including the supply chain operations, maintenance, parts, cargo transport, and airline design. Here are some of the products, processes, and services that are addressed by AS9100:

  • Foams and Insulation materials, specialty tapes, seals and gaskets, and shielding protection
  • Design and verification phase of product testing
  • Documentation on product lifecycle
  • Verification of product purchase
  • Performance reviews for subcontractors
  • Outside facility work control
  • Corrective action to ensure standard of quality is continually met

Key benefits of purchasing with an AS9100 certified business

  • They provide consistent and stable processes among the best in the aerospace industry
  • They are committed to products that meet a high standard in both quality and service.
  • They utilize an international adopted standard for QMS used by the aerospace industry
  • They reduce process wastes and inefficient practices

When in the market for new aircraft insulation options, look for AS9100 certification for added value, trust, and quality in the products and services you receive. 

Polymer Technologies, Inc. is an AS9100 certified business.  Talk to an aerospace expert.

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