PTI: Solving More Problems

Posted by Polymer Technologies on 2/13/13 5:00 AM

Polymer Technologies Inc. provides 3-dimensional solutions for noise, thermal & vibration control.  Our POLYFORM© Molded Products are engineered and manufactured specifically for energy management, combining the best qualities in noise absorption, transmission loss, damping, isolation, and thermal insulation—all in one product!

Comfortable Blue Yonder:

A Safer Head in the Clouds

Problem: A helmet manufacturer needed to improve the seal against pilots' ears allowing for maximum noise cancellation while providing a comfortable fit. 

Solution: An extremely pliable POLYFORM piece inserted into the helmet.  The slow "memory" allowed for a comfortable fit around the ears.  The Proprietary skin was added to the material making it more durable and easy to clean. 

Result: The design drastically improved the seal and comfort of the helmet for flights crews, as well as improved the noise cancellation properties.

Using the PLDM-VE Low Density Molded- Visco Elastic product, we aid manufacturers in providing high quality, maximum comfort safety gear the public.  PLDM-VE performs to its full potential when used for sound attenuation, isolation, and thermal control.  Its slow recovery and low rebound properties make it excellent for use in cushioning and sealing applications.  Some key features of PLDM-VE are:

  • Sound attenuation, isolation, thermal control and specialty cushioning
  • 4-7 lb/ft3 "memory type" flexible foam
  • Slow recovery, low rebound properties, and good cushioning quality

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